pppasta asked:
You are so stunning.

thankyou honey<3 xx

laminatepetal asked:
Hey :) I don't know you, we've never met. I just wanted to let you know that if you're feeling down, things will get better. Maybe not right away, but in time, they will. Until they do, just remember that you are wonderful, you are beautiful, and that you are somebody's reason to smile. Because although I've never met you, I really do care about you, as do so many others. You are loved. Stay strong. <3

aww thankyou soo much, you are such a wonderful person and i now love you. thank you for taking the time to message me.

and yeah, same here if you want to talk I’ll be here, thank you!:3 You too<3

Anonymous asked:
I'll keep you in mind, thankyou sugar :)<3

hehe, okay and anytime:)<3

Anonymous asked:
I'd rather not talk about it now if that's alright, maybe another time? :)Stay strong beautiful, with love <3

yeah that’s fine honey, but yeah i’m always here if you want to talk:) 

and you too, hope things get better for you, keep smiling:) 

lots of love<3

Anonymous asked:
You're welcome, I was having a shit day myself, just thought I'd cheer somebody up :') <3

aw thankyou so much…

why were you having a shit day? want to talk? 

if not, i’m always here anyways though:) and feel free to come off anon:)

Anonymous asked:
You are beautiful. Somebody should tell you that today, tomorrow and the day after. You should hear it everyday. I want you to smile this week, because you deserve it. I want you to laugh, shout, scream, even if you've got no reason to. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, so don't give up. Don't you even think about it. Somebody cares, people care. People care about you. Stay strong & smile, you look best when you do. <3

oh my god, i am actually tearing up here, thankyou so much:’) 

and i actually really needed this, i was having a really shit day.. 

thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. >.< 

i love you! <3

Too many people I know follow me.. I need a new blog….
My body is my canvas, if I want to cut it, pierce it, ink it, destroy it, how is that anyone’s decision but mine?

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a-temblockiert asked:
wow, you're blog is so amazing .. i hope you will get better soon! ♥

aww, thankyouu! 

 nice bloggg<3

Anonymous asked:
suck my dick

no thanks, 



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